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Non-Surgical Root Canal Therapy

Non-Surgical Root Canal Therapy

How do we perform a root canal?

Dr. Muneer will more than likely recommend non-surgery treatment in order to alleviate any of these symptoms. We will carefully remove the pulp that is injured and cleanse and seal the root canal system. We will provide you with local anesthesia and your root canal can usually be performed in one visit. However, some patients do require two visits. This type of treatment usually has around a 90 percent success rate.

Your tooth may not be agreeable to endodontic treatment, or our consultation may find that your chance of success with a root canal isn’t looking good. We will let you know at that time if a complication is possible. A local anesthetic is used to eliminate any pain or discomfort during the procedure. If you indicate that you would like to have nitrous oxide in addition, we can also use this method for your comfort. After you have a root canal, you will be allowed to drive a vehicle by yourself home. Most patients feel comfortable enough to return to their normal, daily activities afterward.

After Your Root Canal Therapy

After Root Canal Therapy is completed, the tooth becomes brittle. It is highly recommended that a crown be placed over the tooth to ensure that it does not break or fracture in the future. In most cases, Dr. Muneer will be able to prepare your tooth for a crown on the same day as your root canal therapy. Most people do not experience any type of complication after endodontic surgery or microsurgery, but we want you to know that we are here if you have questions or concerns. Please give our office a call if you have a concern you would like to discuss. Remember, good dental hygiene is still important in order to prevent future decay.

Root Canal Costs

Root canal costs vary depending on a few factors that are unique to each patient. The more severe damage to the tooth, the more the treatment may cost. However, patients find that choosing a root canal costs less than having to have a tooth pulled and then replacing it with a new, artificial one.

Dental Bonding

We perform dental bonding here at our office for patients with cracked or chipped teeth. This procedure can be a substitute to teeth veneers and is considered a restorative procedure.

What is dental bonding?

Your tooth will be prepared with a bonding liquid after we lightly etch the surface of the tooth. When the liquid sets, we apply a plastic resin to the tooth and then form it into the shape that is desired. The resin can then be trimmed and polished once it is set. Your tooth will look and feel completely natural.

Why you should consider dental bonding

You can complete a bonding procedure in just one office visit. It can improve the way your teeth look and give you more confidence in your smile. Please remember, plastic resin cannot compare to the strength of your tooth enamel. Therefore, it can chip or stain more easily than your natural tooth. You may need to have the binding repaired within three to five years of having the procedure done.

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