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Implant Retained Dentures

Implant Retained Dentures

Replacing Your Missing Teeth with Implant Retained Dentures

Replacing any missing teeth is not just good for your appearance; it is good for your oral health. Missing teeth can easily affect how you bite, not to mention your ability to chew foods and speak. Your remaining teeth will be burdened as they take on the added “work” of the missing teeth and you can also experience muscle pain in the jaw and/or headaches. Read on to learn about replacing teeth with an implant retained denture.

Most patients of ours have found that they have no issues wearing their upper denture but find it more difficult to wear and eat with their lower dentures in. There are a few implant-supported replacement options for our clients who are missing all of their lower teeth.

I’m missing all of my lower teeth- what can I do?

Ball Attachment Denture

One option when you are missing all of your lower teeth is to have us place two implants into your lower jaw so that a denture can be designed that snaps into them. Without the implants, your dentures will not be as stable when you are chewing, so this is a good fix. Remember, your lower denture will still move somewhat, and you may experience sore spots if food particles become trapped under it. Ball Attachment Dentures can be removed by the wearer with some effort, therefore, trapped food can be removed and the problem can be fixed easily. We will still ask you to come in for denture adjustments if we procedure with this option.

Bar Attachment Denture

We offer another option that involves the placement of four to six implants into your lower jaw, depending on your specific jaw size. After your jaw has healed, we will connect a custom-made support bar to the implants which enables your denture to snap into place securely. Your dentures will first be designed with a special internal retention bar that allows it to be attached. This process is known as an “overdenture” and is an extremely stable option that keeps your dentures firmly in place. You will still be able to remove them to clean.

Screw Retained Denture

Our third option has us putting five or more implants directly into your jaw so that we may attach a permanent denture. Your denture will have screws that will secure it to the bar or support posts without actually touching your gum line. This makes it easier to clean your dentures without having to remove them first. This type of denture replaces all missing lower teeth and cannot be removed except through maintenance visits. A lot of our patients who wish to have a permanent denture prefer this particular option when they visit our office.

I’m missing all of my upper teeth- what can I do?

There are similar options available for those who are missing their upper teeth. Unfortunately, the bones in this area are not as hard as those in the lower jaw, so more implants will be needed for support. This option may actually eliminate having to cover the whole roof of your mouth with a complete denture, subject to the number of implants placed. This makes it possible for you to fully taste what you are eating. Your denture will feel much more natural and you will still be able to remove and clean it.

Benefits of Implants

  • Stability while you are eating
  • More confidence
  • Nutritional benefits
  • Preserves your bones and gums
  • Better dental hygiene
  • Superior esthetics

Helping individuals improve and keep their smile bright



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